PLC Based Wellhead Control Panels

Emergency Shutdown Devices

We provide PLC Based control systems tailored specifically as per requirements of our clients to simplify cost and at the same time establish satisfactory product

PLC based Wellhead control systems are customized as required by Instrumented Protective System(IPS) for Wellhead valves Open/Close sequence, Control, Operation and shutdown safety requirements & to meet high degree of Reliability, Availability, Functional safety and complete integrity.



Advantage of PLC based WHCS is reduced installation cost by combining high level logic sequence function, PID Control, Shutdown functions, Online fault monitoring, Diagnostic, Alarm & SCADA / RTU functions with best possible System Architecture, application software, programming software, Hardware and Software Configurations as per IEC safety standards.



Project supply includes Design, Engineering, Procurement, SDP/PLC Panel Assembly, Testing and Supply of SDP, PLC and HMI systems, Integrated Factory Acceptance Test, SAT, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning supports & services.